How is Virtual Event Changing the Course of Meet & Greet in India?

Its exactly a year that the world turned topsy-turvy. Office, home, travel, celebrations, bereavements everything underwent a drastic change. We say we have accepted the new normal but all the while keep wishing that everything goes back to how it was Pre-Covid. Sadly, that doesn’t seem likely for everything. The way we work, conduct business meetings or interact with team members has significantly changed. We do miss the one-on-one team interactions, face-to-face business meetings, townhalls & celebration, but lets accept that while Covid pushed us away from each other, Video Conferencing gave us the feeling of being close.

The past year has significantly changed our view on how events are conducted & attended. While in person events will make a return slowly & steadily, Virtual Events are definitely here to stay for a long time. Necessity is the mother of innovation and the need to keep the events industry alive & kicking, new technology was swiftly introduced by many known companies and new players as well. These innovations were also promptly adopted by the industry. Virtual Events, Customized Video Conferencing, Live Streaming, Online Training Programs have evolved in a big way in the last year.

Business events and seminars earlier pulled in big number of attendees but getting the similar number for a virtual event seems an uphill task. Holding the attention of an attendee in a closed door hotel venue versus the distractions of home requires a lot of interactive engagement virtually. For a good virtual event, you need :

  • A virtual stage set-up just like in physical formats
  • Meeting rooms for networking
  • Exhibition space
  • Interactive polls, Q&A
  • Competitive pricing

Virtual Events are cost effective – hotel rentals, AV set-up travel costs are significant in the physical format

Online Training Programs and Virtual Events offer flexibility – virtual sessions can be viewed any time unlike the physical formats which have a 1-2 day shelf life

Virtual Events lead to accurate data collection - like time spent by an attendee, participation in polls, Q&A, networking done or virtual exhibition space visited. All this data can prove useful to understand buyer journey.

While the pros and cons of a physical format vs the virtual are being debated, the benefits listed above are proof enough that Virtual Events is definitely here to stay. To make the most of it, align your online business meetings, large events, online training programs on a single Video Conferencing / Virtual Event technology platform like Videomeet that :

  • Makes execution easier of all event types
  • Is Cost Effective
  • Allows customisation
  • Provides options for audience interaction
  • Activation for sponsors and exhibitors

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