Ans: After downloading VideoMeet App from Play Store or Google Play, Click on this link for further steps. Learn How to use VideoMeet App

Ans: There is no cost for using the VideoMeet App.
Ans: A VideoMeet account is only required if you need to create your own meetings and send invitations to participants. Having a VideoMeet account allows you to create your own Instant Meetings or Schedule Meetings. To join a meeting you just have to enter your name and meeting room name you need not to create any account.
Ans: Yes, you can use VideoMeet on your Mobile, Tablet, Laptop/Desktop.

Ans: Yes, There is mute feature for host in two ways:
1. Take your mouse over the gear wheel on the tile of speaker and you will see Mute everyone else, that keep that tile unmuted but will mute everyone.
2. Click on the Gear on the bottom the screen and you will see Mute everyone option.

Ans: If you are on mobile, you have tile view and speaker focus view. If you have good Internet, you should be able to see good quality of video and audio.
In case you have issue, try to see the quality of Internet and reconnect with VideoMeet app. Always ensure you have updated app.

Ans: You can schedule a meeting on the web through the VideoMeet or Mobile App. After downloading the app you can see the schedule option on the screen.
Ans: Currently VideoMeet allows Conference, Webinar, Sensitive meeting mode and much more to follow.
Ans: In sensitive meeting mode only pre-registered participants can be a part of the meeting.
Ans: To share screen, you have to be on Computer / Laptop. You will see the Computer Screen Icon at the bottom of the screen on left side. Click on that and follow the steps, you will be able to share the screen. Learn more
Ans: Learn about how to host a webinar with VideoMeet. Learn More
Ans: VideoMeet hosts can record the HD audio/video meeting locally on their system. Learn More
Ans: Yes, you can upload any file when you schedule the meeting.
Ans: Yes, you can record, Listen and download the sound by Echo Test in VideoMeet. Learn More